Job ad – Biologist/Environmental Consultant

3rd August 2020

Bennelongia Environmental Consulting is a very active environmental consulting company that specialises in field surveys of invertebrate fauna, especially subterranean and ground-dwelling invertebrates. The company is also an expert in wetland ecology and related surveys.

Bennelongia is seeking to recruit another biologist to the company’s team of specialists. Work to be undertaken includes:
• Report writing and analysis (desktop reviews and assessments, baseline biological surveys, impact assessments based on field survey results, and results of monitoring programs)
• Fieldwork (regular, mostly remote-area fieldwork will be undertaken, especially for SRE invertebrates, and when the general field load is heavy there may be significant time in the
• Some invertebrate identification focused on one or two groups of invertebrate.

The biologist/environmental consultant should have:
• Strong writing skills
• Previous experience of undertaking environmental impact assessments and writing them up
• A sound understanding of the taxonomic organization of invertebrates, as well as some understanding of their biology and ecology
• An appreciation of the importance of workplace safety and compliance with the company policies of Bennelongia and our clients
• Preparedness to spend periods of up to two weeks in the field as required
• A current driving licence.

Please send your resume, including a copy of your academic record, with a brief cover letter to info@bennelongia.com.au

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