12th June 2014

Launch of Birds of the Murray-Darling Basin Conservation Statement

Stuart Halse has contributed to an article recently published by BirdLife Australia as part of their Birds of the Murray-Darling Basin Conservation Statement [link]. The work undertaken in 2008 took 2 months and three aircraft to complete, surveying waterbirds across 4,858 wetlands in Australia. This national waterbird survey was of an unprecedented scale and recorded much needed […]

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10th March 2014

Troglofauna in the vadose zone: sampling results & adequacy

Stuart Halse and Grant Pearson have just published a paper on sampling methods for troglofauna in the Journal of Subterranean Biology [link].  The paper also provides the first overall description of the taxonomic composition of troglofauna communities in WA and gives information on their ranges and depth of occurrence. Three broad conclusions are drawn from this […]

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22nd January 2014

Pilbara stygofauna: globally significant radiation of biodiversity

At last the results of the stygofauna surveys undertaken as part of the Pilbara Biodiversity Survey are available in a paper just published online in the Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 78 [link to Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 78] .  This paper on stygofauna complements the earlier paper [link] on wetland […]

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18th December 2013

New discovery, 1st stygal beetle in Pilbara, new copepod species

Jane McRae has co-authored two of the four papers in the second issue of the Records of the Western Australian Museum for 2013.  The first paper with Chris Watts from the South Australian Museum describes the first species of beetle (family Dytiscidae) to be found in Pilbara groundwater (link), discovered by Sean Bennett and Jim Cocking.  Despite […]

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9th December 2013

Stygofauna in the 21st century

Bennelongia was a sponsor of the 52nd Australian Society for Limnology congress at the University of Canberra, December 2013.  Stuart Halse spoke about key conservation issues for stygofauna and the environmental assessment process. Here is the powerpoint presentation, which is also in the gallery below.

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6th December 2013

Seven new ostracod species discovered

Another paper in the series describing new species of Bennelongia ostracods has been published (link).  Koen Martens, Stuart Halse and Isa Schön have just described another 7 species from WA, mostly occurring in granite rock pools.  This adds to the 9 species from WA and 3 species from Queensland described in 2012; many more await […]

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28th November 2013

2013 Elachbutting BioBlitz

Michael Curran attended the 2013 BioBlitz at Elachbutting Rock Reserve. Around one hundred and twenty-five people participated in surveys at the small bush reserve situated 53km NE of Mukinbudin and 303km NE of Perth. Pseudoscorpions, scorpions, isopods, trapdoor spiders, platyhelminthes, millipedes and centipedes were collected and could include some new species! Great work volunteers and thanks […]

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6th November 2013

2013 Australian Entomological Society Conference

Stuart Halse gave a talk at a subterranean fauna symposium session at the Australian Entomological Society conference in Adelaide on 20 September about ranges and genetic variability of troglofauna species in the Pilbara. Here is the abstract and powerpoint presentation, which is also below in the gallery.

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6th May 2013

Koen Martens and Isa Schön visit

Koen Martens and Isa Schön have just returned to Belgium after visiting Perth as part of their continuing work on the taxonomy of WA ostracods of the genera Bennelongia, Heterocypris and Ilyodromus. During their most recent visit, another paper was completed describing seven new species of Bennelongia from granite rock pools (here).  Both morphological and […]

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2nd May 2013

Environment Matters: Subterranean Fauna

Last night the Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) hosted a talk on subterranean fauna in their Environment Matters seminar series, titled WA’s unique subterranean fauna: current threats and future risks. Stuart Halse and Michael Curran attended. Guest speakers comprised Dr Mark Harvey (WA Museum), Garth Humphreys (Biota) and Bridget Hyder (EPA). The first two speakers discussed questions […]

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