Bennelongia Environmental Consultants surveys, identifications and environmental assessments of flora, vegetation, Renee Young

Western Australia is renowned for its diverse flora and rich plant communities. Regulatory requirements for botanical surveys vary throughout Western Australia depending on geographical region and potential impact. Bennelongia has a sound understanding of these requirements and can advise and offer a range of flora and vegetation assessments to suit our client’s needs.

Flora and vegetation assessments completed by the Bennelongia team are conducted to comply with the requirements of EPA Environmental Factor Guideline – Flora and Vegetation (here) and Technical Guidance – Flora and Vegetation Surveys for Environmental Impact Assessment (here).

We offer a range of botanical services and can provide the following:

Flora and Vegetation Assessments

  • Desktop assessments;
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Flora and Vegetation assessments;
  • Vegetation community mapping and vegetation condition mapping;
  • Targeted flora surveys; and
  • Weed mapping


  • Priority and Threatened flora monitoring;
  • Conservation significant vegetation monitoring including;
    • Sheet-flow dependent communities (Mulga);
    • Groundwater dependent ecosystems;
    • Mangroves and coastal communities; and
    • Priority and Threatened ecological communities.

We would be happy to advise you on a range of practical solutions that meet protection and conservation objectives while accommodating sustainable development.  Survey results and recommendations are provided to you in documentation that is acceptable to regulators and that can be used as a management tool by your project or site management team.