Bennelongia is committed to the use of safe work procedures at all times to ensure the safety and well-being of all staff, fellow contractors and the public.

Bennelongia will:

  • Positively foster an awareness of safety issues and provide staff training to facilitate and maintain a safe workplace and working environment
  • Develop safe work procedures that take account of, and avoid or remove, hazards and risks
  • Regularly review and update safety procedures and work practices
  • Regularly analyse the way work is being undertaken in relation to established procedures and hazards
  • Keep safety statistics and investigate causes, and ways of avoiding, any safety incidents
  • During fieldwork, staff will ensure their whereabouts is known at all times and, in remote locations, have a means of communicating their whereabouts (satellite phone and, if necessary, radio)
  • Ensure vehicles are adequately equipped for the area in which they are working and adequate water is carried
  • Drive according to conditions in a safe manner

Bennelongia Safety Policy