Bennelongia has wide experience in biological surveys and management, especially in aquatic and subterranean ecosystems, and also has considerable skill in short range endemic invertebrate surveying and assessment.

Staff have undertaken biological surveys throughout Western Australia for government and private sector clients. Private sector clients include BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals Group, Hancock Prospecting, Newcrest, CITIC Pacific Mining, URS, SKM and Strategen.

Government clients include the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the Department of Water. Some examples of past projects are detailed below.

Short Range Endemics in Hamersley Range, Pilbara

  • Undertaken for Rio Tinto
  • Collected many species in the target SRE groups
  • Showed less than 24% of the species likely to be possible SREs
  • Isopods, pseudoscorpions and centipedes were the most diverse
  • Mygalomorph spiders and pseudoscorpions contained the highest number of possible SREs

Stygofauna survey of the Pilbara region

  • Undertaken for Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Developed improved survey methods
  • Documented distributions of stygofauna species
  • Initiated taxonomy describing ca. 160 new species
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Troglofauna surveys of the eastern Pilbara region

  • Undertaken for BHP Billiton
  • Developed technique of ‘scraping’ to increase yields of troglofauna sampling
  • Showed many species are comparatively widespread
  • Showed that species distributions extended beyond areas to be mined

Aerial surveys of waterbirds across Australia

  • Undertaken in association with the University of NSW
  • Identified high value wetlands e.g. Lake Gregory, Lake Argyle
  • Provided data on regional and national waterbird populations
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Ecological character description of Ramsar wetland

  • Undertaken for Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Described the main values of Roebuck Bay, near Broome
  • Identified limits of acceptable change for these values
  • Proposed a monitoring program to measure change in major values of the system
  • For the report read here and for more info on Roebuck Bay see here