The term Short Range Endemics (SREs) can be applied to all species with very localised ranges. It has been suggested that a species is an SRE if it has a range <10,000 km(Harvey 2002). In practice, the term is applied only to species with tight habitat requirements that occur in only a small fraction of their overall range.

There is a second and more restricted use of the term SREs in the environmental assessment process in Western Australia, whereby it is applied to specific groups of terrestrial invertebrates. The persistence of SRE species, like subterranean fauna, may sometimes be threatened by large-scale ground disturbance and, therefore, as part of the State’s environmental assessment process the proponents of development proposals must demonstrate that SRE species are not at risk of extinction.

Bennelongia has considerable experience undertaking field and desktop surveys of SREs for resource development. SREs are sampled by visual searching, trapping and sorting through soil and litter according to EPAs’ Technical Guidance – Sampling short range endemic fauna here. The company operates a large laboratory with state of the art microscopes, photographic systems and extensive voucher collections, and collaborates with the Western Australian Museum to identify the animals collected. Example projects can be found here.