2nd May 2017

New stygal diving beetles to be described by Bennelongia staff

Bennelongia is excited to reveal the pending descriptions of several new species of stygobitic diving beetles (Dytiscidae) that were collected during recent sampling trips. Specimens of two putative species were collected late last year in the Gascoyne region by team members Michael Curran and Anton Mittra, while specimens from a previous study in the Yilgarn […]

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1st May 2017

Three new troglobitic cockroaches described

Bennelongia’s resident taxonomic powerhouse Jane McRae, former Bennelongia principle scientist Dr Andrew Trotter and senior ecologist Dean Main and geneticist Dr Terrie Finston have co-authored a paper describing three new species of troglobitic cockroach of the genus Nocticola from the Pilbara. Troglobitic cockroaches in WA are understudied, with only a handful of cave species having been […]

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28th February 2017

New ground beetles named after Bennelongia staff

Six new genera and 17 new species of troglobitic carabid beetles (Carabidae) from the Pilbara and Yilgarn regions have recently been described by Martin Baehr (The Bavarian State Collection of Zoology) and Dean Main. Eight species have been named in honour of past and present Bennelongia stalwarts Jane McCrae, Jim Cocking, Mike Scanlon, Michael Curran, Sean […]

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20th May 2016

Exploring patterns of diversity in complex subterranean systems with schizomids

In December 2015, Dr. Danilo Harms presented on patterns of diversity in subterranean systems at the Society of Australian Systematic Biologists (SASB) conference in Fremantle (external link). The project looked specifically at subterranean schizomids, an ancient or old world type of spider, that can be found today under very moist rainforest litter. Here are some subterranean schizomids from […]

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18th May 2016

A new administrator

Office management has had a changeover! Bennelongia would like to thank Brent Parker for over two years of work towards our accounts and administration. Diligent, dedicated and efficient. Bennelongia welcomes Christina-Maria Allen. She comes highly qualified with vast experience working at a high level for the Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Corporation (WDLAC).

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18th May 2016

Danilo Harms – the new curator of the Zoological

Danilo Harms has swiftly resigned at Bennelongia to take up the highly esteemed position of Curator of the Zoological Museum (University of Hamburg). Due to its immense collection of Australian insects we look forward to future collaborations. His positive attitude and learned knowledge will be missed. Enjoy the greatest challenge so far at one of the eight largest collections […]

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3rd May 2016

Key staff changes

We would like to announce the departure of Dr Andrew Trotter. He served as Principal Scientist with distinction over the last seven years, both in the field and office. His input over the years has been highly valued without exception to writing over a hundred environmental impact assessments. Andrew was a key member of our family and has decided to […]

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10th September 2015

Two new copepod species discovered

A new paper has recently been published describing two new copepod species of the genus Anzcyclops from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The paper (link) is co-authored by Jane McRae and Stuart Halse of Bennelongia Environmental Consultants and Tomislav Karanovic of Hanyang University. It was published in Records of the Western Australian Museum and describes […]

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13th August 2015

Six new ostracod species discovered

Two new papers have recently been published as a result of ongoing research on the ostracod genus Bennelongia within Western Australia. The first paper (link) is co-authored by Koen Martens and Isa Schön from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and Stuart Halse of Bennelongia Environmental Consultants. It was published in the European Journal of Taxonomy and […]

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13th February 2015

Seven new species of troglofauna

Seven new species of troglofauna from the subterranean diversity hotspot in the Pilbara have been described in three papers published in the second issue of Records of the Western Australian Museum for 2014. The paper by Graeme Smith from the Australian Museum and Jane McRae from Bennelongia describes three usually inquiline species of subterranean silverfish (troglofauna) from the tribe […]

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